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Whether we are musicians or not, everyone loves a good song, and what better way to share this with others than through karaoke? Karaoke is an entertaining activity where friends and family sing their favourite songs; it’s also a great opportunity for some to step outside their comfort zone. Read more for some ideas you can implement into your karaoke night! 🎤🕺

Themed Nights

There are so many different eras of music each bringing its style, from the 2010s to classic rock. Themed karaoke nights are a chance to relive some of those past eras of music. Why not dress up for the occasion as well? Each of these eras had its fashion style so dressing up would bring back those times while providing a memorable time with your friends and family.

Decorate your “Stage”

Make your night memorable with a stunning homemade stage. Dim the room lights and add some disco or flashy lights that dance around the room while singing, giving it a concert-like feeling. Microphone stands also add a nice touch which emphasizes the concert feeling and also removes the burden of holding the microphone from the singers.

Mystery Songs

Have everyone write down songs on a small piece of paper (could be one or multiple) and place all of those slips into a bowl. Afterwards, the bowl gets passed to everyone participating, revealing which song they will sing. This can get wacky and fun, bringing an element of surprise and humour. Who knows, maybe a fully grown adult will have to start singing Baby Shark in front of everyone. 😜

Duets and Sing-Alongs

There are many songs out there that require more than one singer to perform, and singing with a partner brings more fun and variety to the songs being performed. Or why not gather your own boyband or girl group to sing a group song, bringing more people to the stage?

The important thing is to have fun. Bring in your own karaoke traditions or create something entirely new. Karaoke is a way to celebrate the gift of music that God has given mankind. Let all songs that are sung be offered up to Him and Him alone.

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