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The great gift of Easter is Hope

MondayMotivation 330Every Monday at 5:00 P.M. ET, Care Baldwin shares a Monday Motivation quote along with a message to encourage you in your life and faith. This week, she shares a quote as we near Easter.

"the great gift of easter is hope"

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Hey it’s Care and here’s this week’s Monday Motivation quote: "The great gift of Easter is hope."
I get so encouraged by this season and all it represents. So much promise, renewal, expectation... If Jesus could walk among us, teach us how to love, and live a life full of purpose and yet all along knew he was meant to suffer the greatest kind of pain imaginable all because of what was to come on the other side of it, then that's the motivation I need to get through the struggles that I face.
All of our problems have an expiration date. Though things may be dark, the sun will rise again, this too shall pass... all of these clichés can be summed up by one major historical event that can undoubtedly bring hope to our bleakest moment: The cross. It may be Friday but Sunday is coming. That's the great gift of Easter. Happy Monday.