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Letter Art Challenge

lettersThis is a great activity that can stretch out over the whole summer, or at least a few weeks. Have you ever looked at a park bench and said "Hey! that looks like a G"? Letter shapes can be seen all around us.

Read more to learn how to participate in this fun art challenge.

While going on a walk see if you can spot letters of the alphabet to use to write your name. Take a picture of the "letter", and once you've collected all the letters have them printed out to hang up on your wall. Take a quick read of these basic photo composition rules and then let loose (or let your kids let loose!).

Hot tip: use your phone's photo editing software to change the photo to black and white and enhance the contrast. Check out this link to see what we're talking about.

Today's article was written and provided by our friends at Camp IAWAH. Learn more or consider booking a Cabin, Tabin or Canvas Tent in the IAWAH Campground this summer at

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