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How to Preserve Your Summer Memories

cameraSummer is one of the best times of the year, and many of us have more time than ever to spend with our loved ones, explore our environment, and create new memories. The season comes and goes quickly, however, and before we know it, all we are left with is our memories! How can you better store all of your awesome summer memories?

Read more to find out! 

Interestingly, new research has come out on Psychology Today, showing that we are actually more likely to remember events later, by--drum roll--posting them on social media! Yes, that's right. All the people you see documenting every experience on their Facebook or Instagram may actually be able to remember and look back on the fun that they've had more easily than someone who has kept their memories to themselves. 

Here are the key points from the article:

  • People are more likely to remember experiences that they post on social media, research suggests.
  • Posting on ephemeral social media channels like Snapchat also improves recall later, even though the post has disappeared.
  • These effects may occur because posting involves rehearsing and processing the event, or simply because people may post more memorable events.

Maybe it's not so bad to be that one person with their camera out when going on a new adventure or in the midst of a great experience?!

Whether you use social media or not, this is your invitation to not just experience your memory and walk away; rather, re-experience it in your mind! Think about it, talk about it, reflect on it and really let it settle in so you can store and cherish your memories forever. And maybe snap a couple pics too. 😉

For the full article, click here. 

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