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Will You Pray?

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From Bill Stevens, GM and the CHRI Team and Volunteers

I’m turning to you because you’ve taken the time to donate to the ministry of CHRI.

As you may know, it’s been on our hearts for several years to reach further into Quebec for all the good reasons, and we’ve succeeded in receiving a license from the CRTC to broadcast on 90.7 FM in West Island Montreal. We are very thankful and couldn’t have done it without your support.

Our host church is Lakeside Heights Baptist church in Pointe-Claire. After being lifted over several physical and regulatory hurdles, we’ve been hit with what we hope and pray is the last one!

The City of Pointe-Claire has a by-law that makes it difficult for them to proceed with approval to install our radio station antennae. So, I’m turning to you for prayer. Please pray that the town planner, by-law administrator and city council would approve an amendment to the by-law that is specific to the church property and would permit CHRI to attach our 5-foot-high aluminum antennae to the church steeple. We could then broadcast the gospel message to thousands in that area. Without your help, we wouldn’t have made it this far. Now, we need the prayers of believers to make this last and final step.

Thank you for considering this and bless you for already being a blessing to so many through CHRI.

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