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The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be

MondayMotivation 330Every Monday at 5:00 P.M. ET, Care Baldwin shares a Monday Motivation quote along with a message to encourage you in your life and faith. This week she shares a quote on the idea of Authenticity, from The Fixer-Upper co-host Joanna Gaines.

"THe world needs who you were made to be."

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This week’s Monday Motivation quote is on the idea of Authenticity: “The world needs who you were made to be”. – it’s from The Fixer-Upper co-host Joanna Gaines. It’s actually the title of her kids book that encourages kids to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and creativity.
We adults need to be reminded of this too! And maybe not as much the part about how beautiful it is to accept others’ strengths and differences, but rather we need to be reminded to celebrate OUR OWN uniqueness.
You have permission to Be you! To peel back the layers that you put on to make others happy, to clear away whatever is untrue that you FEEL will make people accept you, and discover what was there, underneath, in the beginning; allowing yourself to be truly known and truly loved for WHO you were made to be... Because the world needs it.

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