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It's Time for Reflection...

2021reflection 330Reflection helps us gain insight and see how to move forward. As 2021 comes to a close, spend some time to reflecting on your relationship with God and your loved ones. Click here or read more for a list of personal reflection questions to think about going into the New Year.



  1. What is the biggest thing I have seen Jesus do in my personal life this year?

  2. How has God used me in the lives of others this year?

  3. What do I want to see God do in my life in 2022?

  4. How would I define my relationship with Jesus?

  5. Has God used me to bring others into relationship with Him this past year?

  6. What's one thing I can do to improve my prayer life in 2022?

  7. How has the Bible lived through me this year?


  1. Is my family closer at the end of this year?

  2. Have I made a careful effort to serve and love my family & friends this year?

  3. Have I been celebrating and acknowledging the gifts of my loved ones?

  4. What's one thing I can do to improve my family life in 2022?

  5. Am I a better friend at the end of this year?

  6. What relationships do I hope to take deeper in 2022?

  7. In what ways can I show more attention and thought to my loved ones?


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