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No Health Without Mental Health

mentalhealth cco 330The Canadian Mental Health Association says that by the age of forty, 50% of Canadians will have, or have had, a mental illness. What can you do?


(Sponsored post provided by Christian Counselling Ottawa)


Each Autumn Canada marks Mental Illness Awareness Week. This year's national campaign theme, from Oct 3-9th,is “There is no health without mental health.” At Christian Counselling Ottawa (CCO) we couldn’t agree more! At CCO, we see how supporting the mental health needs of our clients directly impacts their overall health, as well as that of their families and community.
Mental illness is something that touches people’s lives no matter their education, age, religion or culture. It is estimated that one in five Canadians in a given year will experience a mental health problem or illness, and that by the age of forty, 50% of Canadians will have, or have had, a mental illness (Canadian Mental Health Association, 2021). Over the past eighteen months, many people have been experiencing stress and poor mental health due to fear and uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the reality that many of us are experiencing mental health problems, lack of awareness and stigma keep us alone and fearful of seeking help for ourselves or those dear to us. Cost can also make it difficult for many seeking mental health support to access those services.
Therapists at CCO consider the overall health of the client including their physical, intellectual, emotional, environmental, social and spiritual wellness.They work closely with their clients in a therapeutic relationship, to help an individual obtain self knowledge, emotional acceptance, personal growth and optimal development of personal resources. Whether a person has a diagnosis of mental illness or not, a therapist and client will work together to determine desired health goals. Good health outcomes depend on a person’s ability to enjoy life, bounce back after difficult experiences, adapt to adversity, balance different elements of life (such as family, work, finances), safe and secure. Therapists use proven psychotherapeutic strategies to individualize sessions so that each client can strive to reach their full potential.

What can you do?
1. Speak up and connect with others: If you’re struggling with mental illness, you could make a difference to yourself and others by sharing your story to one family member, friend or neighbour. Stigma isolates us, and makes mental illness something we cruelly and painfully experience alone. This has to stop for your sake and for the many Canadians that share in the experience of mental illness. “Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all.” (President Clinton)

2. Challenge your beliefs about mental health and illness. Rethink the way you understand mental health and illness. Explore how stigmatism, poverty racism and ageism impact mental health.

3. Support others- based on Canadian statistics, many of us will go through challenging times that will affect our mental health. Making time to listen and care for each other is essential to building mental resilience in our families, churches and communities.

4. Take care of your mental health and encourage family and friends to do the same. Finding ways to de-stress is critical. The implication of stress on our mental well being and physical well being are undeniable, yet finding ways to decompress and relax are not common practice. Taking time to nap, read, go for a walk, or call a friend is essential.

5. Give. Your contribution will make a tremendous difference in the lives of many people!

CCO strives to provide high quality mental health care to everyone, regardless of gender, age, religious beliefs or financial circumstances. We offer subsidies to those who need financial assistance. In 2021, CCO has already subsidized close to 500 sessions. Because of the high demand for counselling currently, we are really depending on the generosity of donors like you. Donations to CCO can literally change a person's life. Would you consider partnering with CCO so that we can continue to help individuals and families overcome life’s challenges?
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