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We know that you want to grow a thriving business and inspire your community with your success story. The same is true for you, leaders of mission-driven organizations, as you want to have a growing and lasting impact. The problem is when challenges arise, you are often left improvising, which makes you feel overwhelmed and even stuck sometimes. In the show Thrive 11-10, Awarding-winning and Certified Kingdom Advisor Bold Kéré, along with seasoned guests from all walks of entrepreneurship, deliver weekly insights and practical tips you can implement right away. Topics include management, marketing, sales, finances, communications, efficiency, leadership, products and services offering, human resources, and more. Tune in to CHRI every Monday at 9 A.M. ET and get the results you are looking for in your businesses and organizations, without losing your sanity. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Bold, visit

12-20-21 A Christmas Gift for You

This Christmas season, I was thinking of what I could give you and this came up as the perfect gift.
I hope you will take it to heart and that it will bless you now and well in the future.

12-13-21 The Key to Establishing Thriving Business and Ministry Partnerships

Chances are at one point, if it's not already the case, you will consider a business or ministry partnership.
These are high stakes moves that have significant impacts, good or bad, on your organization, life and God-given mission. Get the key to establish a thriving partnership.

12-06-21 What Is Expected of Us...

What is expected of those who make the decision to follow Christ, and Trust Him?
In other words, what comes next after the faith decision, and what does it look like for your business, ministry and life in general?

11-29-21 Setting Goals: Pitfalls and Biblical Principles

Every business course will teach you to set goals, so you can grow and measure your progress. The problem is that secular ways of setting goals, even though seemingly okay and commonly accepted, can actually go against biblical wisdom. This episode takes a closer look at goal setting from the biblical worldview, with guest Jim Wise.

11-22-21 No One Can Serve 2 Masters...who Do You Really Serve? - Part 2

In the gospels, we can read that Jesus says we can't serve two masters.
And interestingly enough, contrary to what one would expect, He is not opposing God and the Devil in these instances.
Rather, He opposes God and money, or to be precise, God vs Mammon.
Are there ways in your life where unknowingly, you are under Mammon's influence?


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