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05-13-15 - Goodnight, Ark

A comical bedtime tale about Noah sharing his bed on the ark. Illustrated by New York Times bestselling illustrator Jane Chapman. Click here for Care's interview with author Laura Sassi about "Goodnight, Ark" from this week's Kids' Wednesday Bookmark.

Click here for more details and to purchase this book online.

Beds are ready. 

Food is stored.

Noah hollers,

“All aboard!”

It’s bedtime on Noah’s ark, but the animals can’t sleep because of the storm. Two by two, they crowd into Noah’s bed, creating a sticky situation. Will Noah ever get them back to their own beds? Climb aboard the ark for this rollicking, yet ultimately restful bedtime story as Noah finds a way to make things calm and cozy, even in the midst of a storm.

About the Author and Illustrator

Laura Sassi has a passion for telling humorous stories in rhyme. She writes daily from her century-old home in New Jersey where she lives with her husband, two children, and a black Cockapoo named Sophie.

Jane Chapman is a multi award-winning artist who has illustrated over one hundred books including five New York Times bestsellers. She lives in Southern England with her husband, Tim Warnes, two children and five chickens.


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