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Mother, May I Get Dizzy? *Outdoor Family Game*


When I was a kid I remember loving to roll down hills in the soft summer grass. My mom? Not so much. Here's an easy activity, brought to you by tired parents, that will be a hit with the kids and adults alike.

First, you need to find a good hill to roll down.... a hill that is good for tobogganing will also be good for rolling. Park the parents at the bottom of the hill (unless you want to roll down too). The object of the game is to be the first to return to the parent at the bottom of the hill... after completing a series of simple challenges set out by their parents.

Read more for how to play "Mother, May I Get Dizzy?"!


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Stay Safe from Ticks this Summer!

tickseason webThe pandemic lockdowns have allowed us to find more ways to get out and enjoy the Great Outdoors!

That being said, tick season has been in full-force since the beginning of Spring, and Eastern Ontario, including Ottawa, has been designated a high-risk area for tick-borne illness. Taking your dog for a run in the field, hiking off the beaten-path through tall grass, or just doing more yard work can put you at risk of Lyme disease. (Lyme disease is spread to humans through the bite of an infected blacklegged tick.) 

Read more for tips to protect yourself from ticks. 

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Build Your Own Slip 'n Slide

slipnslide webIt is getting HOT outside in the Ottawa area! Beat the heat this summer by building your own slip and slide, right in your back yard! All you need is some plastic sheeting and some pool noodles, and you are well on your way to creating an EPIC slip 'n slide to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Show us your DIY slip 'n slide by tagging us in videos on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @CHRIRadio!

Read more for instructions on how to build your own slip 'n slide.

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Ottawa Farmer's Markets 2021

farmersmarketWhile many events have been cancelled this summer, farmers markets are still up and running! 

Read more for your ultimate list of Ottawa farmer's markets open in summer 2021!

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Family-Time Conversation Starters

dinnertimeWe often get into the flow of our busy schedules and forget to nurture some of the most important relationships in our lives -- those with our families. Strengthen your family dynamic by engaging in meaningful conversations and encouraging your kids express their own thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Asking unique questions at family-time will bring your family closer together and empower your children to think more about themselves, their interests, and our world.

Read more for a list of conversation starters to fill your family time with quality, meaningful conversations!

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Sunscreen Tips!

sunscreenDon't forget your SPF this summer! 

We all know how important sunscreen is in protecting your skin from harsh Ultraviolet Radiation (UV). But - with all the different products and brands that are out there, how can you know you are choosing the right sunscreen to receive maximum protection for your skin?

Dr. Susan Y. Chon from the University of Texas' MD Anderson's Department of Dermatology offers 5 tips to wear sunscreen well.

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National Donut Day


It's National Donut Day! Or is it d-o-u-g-h-n-u-t? Who knows. 

Did you know that Doughnut Day was established by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honour The Salvation Army’s “Doughnut Lassies"? The "Donut Lassies" served the treats to soldiers during World War I, and are often credited with popularizing the doughnut in the United States when the troops returned home from war. The Salvation Army celebrated the first National Doughnut Day in Chicago in 1938 to help raise funds during the Great Depression and commemorate the work of these women.

The doughnut now serves as a symbol of all the social services The Salvation Army provides to those in need.

Read more to make your own homemade donuts using this simple recipe from the Salvation Army!

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Outdoor Toys for Kids Under $100


With the weather warming up and kids almost being out of school, it's time to bring out the summer toys. Keep your children entertained all summer with this list of fun, outdoor toys and games, all under $100!

Read more for 7 items to keep your kids exploring and having fun outdoors. 

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5 Ways to Make Someone Feel Special this Summer


We all want to feel like we are important to someone. Knowing that we are valued and appreciated keeps our spirits lifted, and inspires us to continue spreading love and hope to others. How can you be a light in someone's life and make them feel special this summer?

Read more for 5 ways you can make someone feel special. 

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BBQ Pizza? Yes, Please!

bbqpizzaMost of us have made a home-made pizza at least once. Some of us in a regular oven, and some of us fancier pizza connoisseur's have even tried it in a wood-fired oven...but have you ever tried making pizza on the BARBECUE? Well, I tried it out, and it was *mind-blowing*. Think artisan pizza, x10 on the mouthwatering scale. It was a heap of cheesy, charry (in the best way possible), chewy deliciousness.

Read more to learn how to make a perfectly barbecued pizza for yourself for yourself!

Post a picture of your BBQ pizza and tag us @CHRIRadio on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!


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10-Minute Outdoor Workout

day3 outdoorworkout

With our latest lockdown here in Ontario, many of us have struggled with motivation to workout. Gyms have been closed for what seems like ages, and - let's be honest - working out in the confines of our homes isn't always the most inspiring undertaking. But that doesn't mean working out has to be cancelled, and it doesn't mean we can't still have fun doing it!

Read more for a quick 10-minute outdoor workout.

Tag us @CHRIRadio on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and let us know you completed the workout!


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