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Explore Insects with the Kids

magnifyingglassWe’ve all seen insects buzzing or crawling around, but have you ever wondered what they are or how you can tell them apart? Who knows how many you can find in your own backyard, or on a nature walk? In this video you’ll be surprised to learn a bit more about them and what they do.

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12 Scriptures to Encourage you This Summer

summerscriptureSummer is OFFICIALLY here! Today is the first day of summer 2021, and we wanted to encourage you with some scripture as you jump into this new season. Feel free to save them or write them down, and meditate on each verse as you move through the summer! 

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Letter Art Challenge

lettersThis is a great activity that can stretch out over the whole summer, or at least a few weeks. Have you ever looked at a park bench and said "Hey! that looks like a G"? Letter shapes can be seen all around us.

Read more to learn how to participate in this fun art challenge.

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The Cutest DIY Lanterns

lantern7And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. ~ Genesis 1:3
Light is symbolic of spiritual illumination and truth. It represents the goodness of God and all of His glory!

For today's article, I made some DIY lanterns to bring light and warmth to my back yard. I was inspired by Katrina at's blog post to create these lanterns, and hope you try to make them as well! Be sure to tag us @CHRIRadio on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter if you try out this fun DIY! 

Read more to learn how to make DIY Lanterns. 

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Use Up Your Rhubarb!

rhubarb 330It's rhubarb season! Rhubarb is one of the first garden vegetables to be ready for consumption in early summer. There are many great ways to use up your rhubarb, and one of our listeners, Ann, has gracefully shared her Oma's rhubarb recipe for you to try. Ann says, “This is one of my favourite recipes from my Oma and I have carried on the tradition for family functions. Also easy to adapt to make it gluten/dairy free and is super yummy with strawberries added too!”.

We hope you enjoy Oma's Rhubarb Cake Recipe! Read more for recipe instructions.

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Care & Brock's Top Book Recommendations!


Looking for a good book to read by the pool? Need a book to draw you in while you’re camping or getting a few days off this summer? Want to encourage your kids to read more while school is out? Tomorrow we are kicking off The Best Of Wednesday Bookmark which means all summer long we’ll be replaying author interviews you may have missed! Books to encourage you on your journey, stories to inspire you, and testimonies to help you grow. 

Tune in Wednesday mornings at 9:00 A.M. ET (for Adult Non-Fiction) or afternoons at 4:30 P.M. ET (books for Kids, Youth or Young Adults) OR read more to purchase the books or Replay the interviews! 

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The BEST Homemade Ice Cream *No Machine Needed*

Ice cream is always better when it's homemade, and thankfully, you don't need a fancy machine, expensive equipment, or any obscure ingredients to make an incredible batch of homemade ice cream. We had a blast making this easy, no-machine recipe that the whole family can take part in! All you need is milk or cream, sugar, vanilla, ice, salt, and a couple ziplock baggies. That's it! The kids will *LOVE* this! 

Watch our video for how you can make your own homemade ice cream! 

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How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

childwaterWe all know that drinking water is important in keeping our bodies and minds healthy, but in a world of Sunny D, Fruitopia, and other tasty juices, it can be difficult to encourage our children to drink the best liquid for them -- water. All hope is not lost, though!

Cara Demme-Pratt, Registered Dietician at the Children's Hospital of Colorado, has shared 11 ways parents can help children drink more water, and we've summed them up into 3 tips for you! 

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How to Preserve Your Summer Memories

cameraSummer is one of the best times of the year, and many of us have more time than ever to spend with our loved ones, explore our environment, and create new memories. The season comes and goes quickly, however, and before we know it, all we are left with is our memories! How can you better store all of your awesome summer memories?

Read more to find out! 

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8 Healthy Fruit Recipes


In the same way as our bodies want to eat bread and hearty meals throughout the winter, we are constantly craving fruit in the summer. Although fruit is GREAT on its own, it's always fun to jazz things up and enjoy our food in different ways. Well, we have compiled a list of healthy, fruity snack recipes for you to try out this summer!

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