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Life-Sized Games to Try This Summer

giantyardgamesWe've all played classic games like Dominoes and Connect 4, but have you ever tried a *life-size* version of them? Blowing up these games and playing them with a group of people outdoors makes them instantly more fun! Host an outdoor games party, or just have some fun on family game night with these life-sized classics.

Read more for 5 jumbo games to try this summer. 

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8 Campfire Games for the Whole Family

campfiregamesCampfires are not complete without s'mores and some games. Scholastic has put together a list of eight learning, literacy, and storytelling games that will have your family laughing and learning together at your next camp fire. Plus, playing these games with your kids is an easy way to prevent the summer slide.

Read more for eight games to play at your next family campfire!

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Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

roadtripscavengerhuntRoad trips are are a great way to enjoy a change of scenery and take a break from every day life. Have some fun on your next road trip and keep your passengers occupied by completing a scavenger hunt! 

Download the road trip scavenger hunt, here.

Skewer Recipes to Make This Summer

kebabSkewers and kebabs make a great appetizer in the summertime and can be made with endless variations of ingredients. Make the most of grilling season with these delicious skewer recipes! 

Read more for 7 skewer recipes to try this summer.

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DIY Colourful Chalk Bombs

chalkbombWater balloons are a go to summer activity, largely because of how fun they are to throw around and watch burst, and how versatile they are for games. Add some colour to your water balloon activities this summer with these colourful chalk bombs! Disclaimer: They are messy (but sometimes messy is fun!).

Read more to make your own DIY Chalk Bombs!

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Host A Bake-Off


Are you a baking lover? Or a lover of the many different baking competition shows that seem to keep popping up on Netflix? Or maybe you're just looking for a new activity to do with your friends? Try hosting a bake-off! A bake-off is a fun activitiy to do with some friends, create some excitement and competition, and refine your baking skills. 

Read more for tips on hosting your own bake-off! 

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Visit a Local Food Truck

foodtruckWe asked our Facebook followers to shoutout their favourite food trucks in the region, and many of you answered! Enjoy a yummy meal and support one of the many local food trucks in Ottawa and surrounding areas this summer!

Check out some of our listener's favourites

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Host Your Own Outdoor Movie

outdoormovieHosting an outdoor movie is a great way to bring your friends and family together, enjoy a movie and some snacks, and take advantage of the beautiful outdoors while the weather is still warm. Plus, it is a COVID-compliant way to get together with friends! 

Read more to host your own outdoor movie night right in your backyard.

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10 Things to Do with Kids on Summer Nights

kidsatnightThe kids have been out of school for a couple of weeks now, and you may find yourself already searching for new ways to keep your kids entertained as the sun goes down at night. I recently came across this article from Lisa at of activities to do with your kids on summer nights. She included lots of fun ideas, and I couldn't help but wanting to be a kid again after reading all of them!

Read more for some inspiration to keep your kids entertained and having fun on summer nights.

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The Best Places for Stargazing in Ontario

skyviewThe beauty and mystery of a sky full of stars makes stargazing one of the most mesmerizing and humbling experiences we can enjoy. Our universe is full of wonder, and understanding more about the things outside of our planet can be a very humbling experience and lead to a deeper appreciation for God's creation. 

Thankfully, in Ontario we have many parks and areas of land outside of the big city lights, that make for a great stargazing experience. has put together an article of all the top places in Canada with the darkest night skies best for stargazing.

There is also an app called Skyview, available on both Apple (Apple SkyView Lite [Free] or Apple SkyView [$2.79]) and Android (Google SkyView Lite [Free] or Google SkyView [2.79]), that allows you to simply point your camera up to the sky and spot all of the constellations, galaxies, and other celestial objects directly above you, with precision!

We hope you take an opportunity this summer, when the sky is clear and the air is warm, to spend an hour or two stargazing!

Must-Try Ice Cream Shops in the Ottawa Region

icecreamgirlWho doesn't love a giant, melty cone of ice cream on a hot sunny day? Ice cream is an essential summer treat - and, thankfully, our listening region has PLENTY of awesome ice cream stops. We've put together a list of our favourites. 

Read more for some must-try ice-cream stops this summer! 



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