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Beaded Wind Chime Craft

wind chimesLooking for a fun craft to do, either by yourself or with your family? Try making this beaded wind chime! You can get the kids involved by having each family member bead their own strand, and use up some of your beads you have stored with your craft supplies. This craft is originally from

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Spanish Iced Latte Recipe

russianlatteWhy not spice up your everyday coffee and try making a Spanish latte? A Spanish latte is similar to a regular latte, but is slightly sweeter due to the addition of condensed milk! Here's how to make it:

- FIll up a long latte cup with ice cubes
- Add 3 tablespoons of condesned milk
- Add 1 cup of cold milk
- Add 1 shot of espresso (or more if you like your coffee strong! ;))
- Stir, and enjoy!

Honey Bee Show & Tell


Are your kids curious about bees? Join Geesbees in their pollinator garden for a Sunday Show and Tell! They'll tell you all about bees and show you their beekeeping gear! This event is geared towards children ages 4 to 10 years and limited to 15 children per session to allow social distancing. 

It costs just $2.50 (including HST) per child, and all proceeds support pollinator educational activities and programming. It's offered on Sundays at 11:30 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. (weather permitting). Click here to book for this Sunday!

They also offer 1-hour long private bee tours, for groups of up to 4 people! Learn more, here.

Silly Literacy Games


Are you ready to try out a new family game? Looking to sneak some fun literacy games into your kids' summer vacation? We love getting creative with our families, and what child doesn't love a silly story or game? Try out these new and old favourites during your next games night or rainy afternoon.

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10 Ornamental Flowers You Can Eat or Cook With


Flowers look beautiful in our gardens, smell wonderful, and also make great gifts. We often tend to forget, however, that many of the flowers in our gardens can also be eaten or cooked with! 

Here are 10 ornamental flowers you can use in salads or cook with this summer.

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Create Your Own DIY Obstacle Course

obstacle course

Obstacle courses are a fun way for kids and families to get some exercise and learn new skills, and they don't have to be overly complicated or expensive either! To get kids outside, help them flex their creative muscles, and have them get an all-over workout, here are some inexpensive everyday items that you can use to get your kids started creating an obstacle course of their own, from

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Try Horseback Riding in Wakefield, QC (No Experience Necessary!)

Captiva Farms

Captiva Farms offers an exciting, one-of-a-kind horseback riding experience for all levels of skill, near Ottawa, in Wakefield QC. Captiva is the only horseback riding ranch that allows groups and families to explore over 40 KM together on over 450 acres of wilderness trails.


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5 Uplifting Things for Your Morning Routine

morningroutineThe way we start our morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Have you found yourself getting into a bit of a slump and being less intentional with your mornings this summer? If so, you are not alone, and these 5 tips from are for you! 

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Store Your Memories In A Jar

masonjarMason jars can be used for more than just storing jams and dried goods! A popular trend nowadays is to take a mason jar, and fill it with memories written on little pieces of paper. After a year of making memories, you empty the jar and read over all the awesome memories you made. That is one way to fill up your mason jar, but there are so many other ways you can spin this idea. Here are a few ideas for your next memory jar!

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Olympic Themed Crafts

olympiccraftsGet into the Olympic spirit and learn more about the Olympic Games with your kids! Try out these three Olympic themed crafts.

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FREE Activity Booklet for Kids

adventures in odysseyChildren need the opportunity to be children by experiencing much-needed fun in their young lives. To help your children do just that this summer, Focus On The Family has created the Adventures in Odyssey Fun-Packed Activity Booklet!

Adventures in Odyssey is a Focus On The Family kids show that airs on CHRI as part of our Kidz Club, sponsored by CityKidz on Saturday mornings. As of this Saturday, July 31st, Adventures In Odyssey will air from 8:30 A.M. ET to 9 A.M. ET right after Paws and Tales (previously 9 A.M. ET).

Download the PDF, here.


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