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National Tell A Joke Day


It's National Tell A Joke Day, and we've found a bunch clean jokes for you to share with your family and friends in celebration! (Wish we could say we came up with these ourselves!) 

Read more for 30 clean jokes.

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Experience Van Gogh Like Never Before


By now, you've likely either heard of or been to the Van Gogh exhibit in Ottawa. We've been seeing photos of this display all over social media - it is a stunning experience! If you have yet to go and are interested in Beyond Van Gogh, this is your reminder that there is just one-month (tomorrow) until it comes to a close at the Aberdeen Pavilion (1000 Exhibition Way, Ottawa ON).

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Superbook - A Christian Cartoon


Thank you again to the Bougie family for sharing another fun and engaging Christian resource for kids and families!

Superbook is a Christian cartoon made by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). Throughout the episodes, Chris, Joy and their robot Gizmo travel back in time and relive the stories of the Bible. You can watch the first 3 seasons with a free account, or watch the episodes for free on YouTube, in 40+ languages. In addition to the show, Superbook also offers lots of free Internet games, and ways to explore more about the God through challenges, quizzes, and activities!

"My family loves watching Superbook! It helps us understand the Bible and apply it to our lives. It also makes reading the Bible more exciting for my children."

Check out their website, here!

Plants You Can Still Plant In Late Summer


Were you hoping to start a garden this summer, but for one reason or another, didn't manage to get around to it? Fear not! Thankfully, you still have an opportunity to plant some crops and enjoy your own garden vegetables this summer and into the fall.

Here are 6 vegetables you can start planting now. (This article was originally from

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Do a LEGO Challenge


Today's idea is another listener-submitted idea. Thank you to Patricia for contributing this exciting activity, for all the LEGO lovers out there! Kids, teens, and adults alike - grab your LEGO bin and challenge your creativity and building skills this summer!

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22 Prompts to Inspire Your Prayer Life


Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck in your prayer life? Maybe you don’t know where to start, you don’t know what to say, or you just feel totally lost. It’s absolutely normal to feel this way, but part of being a Christ-follower is getting to know Him on a deeper level, which comes through prayer. Read more for 22 ways to inspire your prayer life! 

Today's article is originally from

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When It's Too Hot To Go Outside


This week is going to be HOT in the listening region! Unless you have a pool, spending all day outside is not possible or ideal for many of us. Read more for some things to do to stay busy or keep the kids entertained when it is simply too hot to go outside.

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Explore Lusk Cave In Gatineau


Are you looking for a new adventure in this last month of summer? Look no further than Lusk Cave in Quebec! This historic cave is in the Philippe Lake area, about five kilometres from Parent Beach. It is an easy hike along trails dotted with interpretation panels. The 10-kilometre round trip takes about four hours to walk.


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Catch A Meteor Shower this Month

meteorshowerThe Perseid meteor shower is underway this month, and you can catch it right from your backyard! It will peak on the nights of August 11th and 12th, although all month long you will be able to see "shooting stars" often in the night. You don't need any binoculars or a telescope to watch this meteor shower, just your own two eyes and a spot outside that has as little light as possible. The darker your observation area, the more likely you will see more meteors! Get comfy, grab some snacks, and have fun! 

For more information on the Perseid meteor shower, go to

National Jamaican Patty Day

jamaicanpattyIt's National Jamaican Patty Day! Have you ever tried one of these flaky, delicious meat pastries? Jamaican Patties are the quintessential fast food in Jamaica, for good reason. Make your own batch today, or order some from a local eatery! 

Read more for a Jamaican Patty recipe from

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Memorize Scripture With Your Kids

seedsworshiplogoThere is hardly an age too young to start planting God's word into your heart. Today's 99+1 Days idea was contributed by a CHRI listening family, the Bougies (many thanks!!). Seeds Family Worship creates Scripture memory songs for kids by setting verses from the Bible to music. The Bougie family has enjoyed using their worship music to memorize God’s Word and hide it in their hearts. You can stream their songs, here.

Seeds has a library of 176 songs and 250 videos written to word-for-word Scripture that makes memorizing the Bible easy and fun. They also offer scripture memory cards for kids (or adults!), scripture backgrounds, and fun, easy family devotions!

For a limited time, you can download for free the DVD of their album “I Believe”. You can also watch all their videos for free on Youtube. They have lyrics videos and hand motions videos!


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