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Learn About Exotic Animals Up Close And Personal!

littleraysLittle Ray's Reptiles is BACK in action! A favourite in the Ottawa region for meeting exotic animals, Little Ray's Reptiles is now offering 90-minute Private Tours for $150 + HST for one household. Two additional households can join the tour for $50 each. The tour consists of a guided walk through the nature center with hands on opportunities with a variety of mammals and reptiles. Book now!

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National Dog Day

NationalDogDayToday is the one and only National Dog Day! Arguably one of the best national days?! (Of course it's up there with National Cat disrespect to the cat lovers! ;)). Why not spoil your dog(s) today and show them a little extra love? If you don't have a dog, go spoil and send love to your family and friends' dogs!

Read more for ways to celebrate National Dog Day, this year. 

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How to Make Giant Bubbles

giantbubblesAlmost every child enjoys playing with bubbles. Take this classic summer activity to the next level, by making your own giant bubbles! This DIY activity is originally from

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Let The Kids Make Dinner

letthekidsmakedinnerCooking as a family may sound like a daunting task, especially if you have multiple young children. That being mentioned, there can be many benefits to getting your children involved in the kitchen! By being active in cooking and preparing meals, children will learn important culinary skills, and become more independent in the process.

Read more for tips on having your children help make dinner. 

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Check Out Redeem TV

redeemtvThanks again to the Bougie family for another great contribution!

Are you looking to consume more quality, Christian TV and video content? Check out Redeem TV! Redeem TV is a free, donor-supported, ad-free Chrsitian streaming service that offers edifying and redeeming content. Their videos can be streamed from your iPhone, Android, Apple TV, Roku, or FireTV! They offer an ever-growing library of over 1,500 quality dramas, documentaries, animated features, children’s favorites, episodic series, Bible studies and more, with new titles added every week.

Browse through their content, here

Drive-In Movies Ending August 31st

driveinThe Drive-In Ottawa at Wesley Clover Parks (401 Corkstown Road, Nepean) is wrapping up for the summer on August 31st! Get in a few more fun family adventures and experiences before the hustle and bustle of back to school picks back up! Check-out what movies are being played and book your tickets, here.

Visit a Local Beach While You Still Can

beachseasonBeach season is still underway in the listening region! Ottawa's four public beaches are open, with lifeguards on duty daily from 12 P.M. to 7 P.M. Bring your friends and family and make the most of the warm weather while you still can! 

- Mooney's Bay (2926 Riverside Dr, Ottawa)
- Westboro (Along the John A. MacDonald parkway, Ottawa)
- Britannia (Carling and Pinecrest, Ottawa)
- Petrie Island (795 Trim Rd, Orleans)

Study God's Creation On Your Next Nature Walk


Another article submitted one of our listeners and subscribers, Patricia - Many thanks! Here is some inspiration for your next nature walk, as well as an app for families who want to spend more time exploring nature together.

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Make Anything Out of Cardboard


Parents, you know what it's like to spend money on all these toys for your children, only for them to be more fascinated by everything BUT the toys you bought them. Who says you need to continue buying all the latest gadgets and games to keep your kids happy and entertained, though? Perhaps, all you need is a few cardboard boxes to do the trick! Boxy World on YouTube has over 45 DIY cardboard craft tutorials, with the goal of engaging kids with entertaining and educational content. They offer tutorials on how to make things such as a cardboard barbecue grill, a cardboard pirate ship, a cardboard kitchen, and a cardboard basketball net. (Hint, this can save you a lot of money at Christmas!). Don't throw out all those boxes from your latest online purchases, keep them and see what cool cardboard creations your kids can make! 

Check out Boxy World on YouTube, here

Go Paddle Boarding in the Listening Region


If you have yet to try paddle boarding, you may want to take an afternoon to see what it's all about before the summer is up. Stand-up paddle boarding is a fun activity, is very simple to learn, and is a great full body workout! Plus, there are a few places in the Ottawa are that offer hourly rentals. Try it out at one of these locations:

Dow's Lake (1001 Queen Elizabeth Dr, Ottawa - Dow's Lake)
Cost: $19 for the first hour, $12 for every additional hour

Ottawa SUP (1314 Bank St, Ottawa - Rideau River)
Cost: $20 for the first hour. $5 for an extra half hour, $25 for two hours (weekdays only)

Long Island Marina (1424 Commodore Dr, Kars - Rideau River)
Cost: $25+tax for four hours, $40+tax for eight hours

Summer Bucket List Check-Up!

991 bingo thmb

There's only a couple short weeks left until school starts back up, and schedules pick up again. It's time to check up on the summer bucket list! How's that BINGO card coming along (you know...the one we sent you way back at the beginning of 99+1 Days, that now feels like forever ago)? Look over it, see what's missing, and try to check off all of your unmarked boxes before the summer is over!

Click here to download or print our a CHRI Summer BINGO card.

Tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @CHRIRadio once you've completed a row or the whole card!


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