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99+1 Days of Summer

Summer Bingo!

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We have created a fun, summer BINGO card, for you to keep track of your summer experiences and inspire you to participate in some activities you otherwise may not have. Click here to download or PRINT the BINGO card, and cross off the squares as you complete your activities!

We invite you to post your BINGO cards on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and tag @CHRIRadio in your photos to show us what you've been up to!

It's that time of the year where we can officially feel and smell summer coming on. Inevitably, our minds start wandering and imagining all the fun, exciting adventures we could go on and activities we'd love to do within the next few months (at least our minds do!). It happens each year, but then before we know it, time, resources, and energy get away from us, and as summer comes to an end we realize that we didn't do half of what he had hoped to do.

While there is joy to be found in ALL circumstances - of course - it would be nice if we could find a simple way to cross things off of our summer bucket list, and be inspired to create new memories all summer long.


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