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World Aids Day

 world_aids_dayToday marks the 22nd official World Aids Day. A day to stop, observe, pray, and remember the disease that is sweeping over parts of world. A while ago I heard a missionary talking about his families work in Africa with HIV & AIDS victims, he said that this is a Goliath sized problem and we need to look at this the way David did.

A rock thrown into a pool has a ripple effect. Although Aids Day is only once a year, Join(RED) hopes to create a ripple effect. Their motto: turn the world red. Create so much attention on this one day that people are left thinking about it for a whole year, thinking what is my rock suppose to look like? As a follower of Jesus I feel called to do something. How can I know that last year almost half a million babies, innocent babies, were born with HIV and not talk about this problem?

No one can tell you how to feel about this issue or in what capacity to support the cause. Awareness is important and then I pray people jump into action on issues. Ignorance is bliss however we were never promised we would live in a blissful world. Whether you retweet #turnred on twitter, buy a Starbucks coffee to donate 5 cents or take 5 minutes to say a prayer we are turning our hearts in the direction of hope and positioning ourselves to be used to see greater change.


See pictures of the world turning red here: